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Monday, August 8, 2011

Think You've Got Hot Weather? Look Who's Got it Worse (ContributorNetwork)

The record-setting heat wave in many parts of the United States this summer is continuing into August. The Weather Network reported that all 50 states broke or tied heat records in July 2011 and the country experienced 4000 daily record highs.

July 2011 Record-Breaking Temperatures

The 100 degree-plus weather that has some folks "under the weather" would be a delight to those suffering the worst of the 2011 summer heat wave. Who got it bad?

* In San Berndadino, Calif., the mercury hit 113.

* The highest temperature recorded in Texas this July went into the record books at 117.

* Parts of Arizona suffered temperatures of 118 and 119 degrees.

* But Riverside, Cal. got hit worst of all at 120 degrees, breaking its prior record of 118 set in 1957.

High Temperature a Relative Concept

On the "who do you think you're kidding?" front, the Skagway-Hoonah-Angoon region in Alaska broke its 2005 high temperature record with a 2 degree increase- 65 degrees of not exactly hot but record-setting temperature nonetheless.

Dog Days of August

With the dog days of August still upon us, there's not likely to be major relief in sight. In Arizona and Oklahoma, reports of highs like 118 and 111 are still coming in. The National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Adminstration is predicting higher than usual temperatures to continue in August for the southern portion of the United States.

Blame Summer Heat on Global Warming?

When last summer's temperatures reached record highs, Discovery News took a look at the influence of global warming on summer heat trends. Noting that both planetary record highs and flooding have been on the rise, the report concluded that global warming is influencing our record high temperatures, something that weather forecasters had resisted believing.

Historical Highs

These historical high temperatures lend perspective to America's summer 2011 heat wave:

Hottest place on earth: Iraq typically has the hottest temperatures on earth and has seen several 120 degree days this summer. At Tallil Airbase, the temperature soared to 127 degrees on Tuesday.

Hottest temperature in cold place: Antarctica experienced its record high in January 1974 when the mercury hit 54 degrees.

Hottest temperature ever recorded: The temperature climbed to 136 degrees in Azizia, Libya one day in September 1922.

Hottest temperature ever recorded in the United States: Greenland Ranch, Cal. missed laying claim to the world record for hottest temperature ever by two degrees. The heat there measured 134 degrees in July 1913.

Feeling cooler?

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